Wednesday, January 11, 2012

its time..

yes its time.. time to start the new year.. wow its already the middle of the month. jan 2012. resolutions? i dont have any.. after years of making them and not keeping them.. i give up.. but not on myself.. im goin forward with new and exciting things..... new friends.. new places.. new classes.. new adventures.. im so thrilled about the trip a am goin to be taking come march 2012.. artfest.. to meet up with these new friends.. and to start ....something new.. im ready.. its time..!!!!!!!join me .. get your old self into... onto.. upto... overto ....something NEW!!!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

if you dont know me well....

if you dont know me well... then you wouldnt know who this is... she is .. my baby... calli jayne! she says that we are best friends.... i am really proud of her .. she is 16yrs old and inspires me every day... a friend took some pictures of her in several different outfits .. we ventured to the museum of art here in vero beach.. and she had a long flowing beach dress on and yes !!! i encouraged her to get into the fountain for water shots.. now that was fun.. we scrambled to get several shots and to watch out for anyone who may think this was not a good thing to do.. the shots turned out so nice .... my friend karen did such a great job !!! im happy to have these pics so that in the future i can look back at them and remember calli at this sweet age...

Friday, August 19, 2011

what is calling you?

WHAT IS CALLING YOU? Do YOU know what is calling you? I have known what is calling me for some time now and finally i committed to something i have been wanting to do for so long and have put it off .. for several reasons .. time , money guilt .... finally i am doing something for ME... i have committed to attending ARTFEST 2012 in Port Townsend WASHINGTON!!!!!! It was something that was calling me.. most important was the misty mawn classes... and YES I AM GOING !!!! I have a great community of art friends that i have met while taking online classes .. we are all going to stay together in one of the officers houses.. women from all over joining together to answer that one question... what is calling you.. It should be great with everyone supporting each others talents as we have been via facebook and our private facebook group.. stretching within .. and this is all because of one great artist friend extraordinaire.... none other than misty mawn ... she is responsible for putting us all together in this little art community on facebook.. it was her class that we all met in and now our friendships have grown because we are answering that one question.. WHAT IS CALLING YOU? ...... YOU SHOULD DO THE SAME.. FIND OUT ... WHAT IS CALLING YOU !!!!!!and do something for yourself.. feed your soul... let it blossom.. you will be surprised at what you find.. aka friendships ..along the way.. have a great weekend everyone.....!

Monday, April 5, 2010

getting started..

i am getting started with this blog.. i have been working on lots of sketches and i need to put them somewhere.. what better place than here.. simple plaisirs... i decided to spell it in french.. but either way.. simple pleasures or simple plaisirs .. they are all the same.. and this is what i call my art works .. simple plaisirs.. hope you enjoy viewing them as much as i do creating them.. thanks for stopping by..